Consistency & productivity

Hello readers! I am so glad to be back and blogging. This August and September I was a bit out of inspiration and not really "feeling it" to be perfectly honest with you. I have planned a few posts during that time so we can get back into our regular schedule of once a week… Continue reading Consistency & productivity


My summer reading list

Hello readers! I am so glad you decided to come over my blog today. Summer is finally here in Nova Scotia with warm 30 degrees over the last few days. I enjoyed every single one of these even when it gets stuffy with humidity. I hope you have as well. During the warm months, I… Continue reading My summer reading list


Frugality and Intentional Living

Hello readers! It's been a while since I posted frequently but I still have some content coming your way this summer. I have had issues finding balance and consistency with the blog posts but I have more content coming so make sure to subscribe via WordPress or with your email to receive notifications when I… Continue reading Frugality and Intentional Living


Can you limit the usage of various plastic and recycle more?

Hello readers! I am so glad to see you back on the blog today or welcome if you are new here. I share content related to simple and conscious living as I navigate this new lifestyle. This week I noticed how much plastic entered our house with the things we purchase every week and all… Continue reading Can you limit the usage of various plastic and recycle more?

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Update on my simple conscious life

Hello readers! I am so happy and excited to announce that the blog turns one this month. Can you believe it? I started after joining "The socially conscious women" Facebook group and the encouragement from the ladies in the group. It has been such a wonderful time and yet feels like only a week ago.… Continue reading Update on my simple conscious life


How to reduce waste?

Hello there! Following my previous post on Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method, I thought it would be appropriate to write on ways to reduce our waste, in other words, the zero-waste movement. Have you noticed how much trash and recycling you produce in a year? The answer varies greatly between household but the average… Continue reading How to reduce waste?


Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method

Hello everyone! Welcome on my little blog about simple conscious living. I share my experience and progress towards this new lifestyle with my struggles and foundings. Over the past few weeks, the new Netflix show " Tidying up with Marie Kondo" has become more and more popular. It seems everyone on social media is talking… Continue reading Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method


My self-care routine & how to create your own

Hello there! I hope this love month teaches you a few things but mostly how to love and take care of yourselves. In my last post, Simpler & Conscious Valentine's Day, I shared some way to share the love with your friends and family but I realized that I forgot the most important person, you. Everyone… Continue reading My self-care routine & how to create your own


Simpler & Conscious Valentine’s Day

Hello, lovelies! I hope your day is good. Can you believe January is over? I can hardly believe I started my new habits and workout 3 weeks ago. It is still going well so far with a few sidetracks (because let's face it, life happens). If you follow me on social media, you probably know… Continue reading Simpler & Conscious Valentine’s Day


My productivity apps & programs

Hello everyone! I hope your day is all that you were expecting, maybe even better. With the beginning of the new year, I have a goal to be more productive and consistent in my habits. I am not a very consistent person per se as I go through phases and change my focus often. But… Continue reading My productivity apps & programs