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Hello readers! I am so glad to be back and blogging. This August and September I was a bit out of inspiration and not really “feeling it” to be perfectly honest with you. I have planned a few posts during that time so we can get back into our regular schedule of once a week with the occasional surprise post. If you want to be kept in the know, please subscribe (link is under the left menu) or follow me on social media. Today is going to be more of chitchat and updating you on my life (let me know if you like that or wish for more beauty/fashion). So, grab a coffee/tea/water and let’s catch up of what the summer brought and what to expect for the fall.

This summer went by without much happening. We had a few projects we worked on, such as refurbishing a cabinet into a coffee stand (almost done!) and my boyfriend built me dressers for our master bedroom. Because he built our nightstands it only made sense that he build the dressers as well (one for him and one for me btw). I am in love with them and the last steps we need to take are to put the final coat of paint and put them together. It is so exciting and I am looking forward to clearing my wardrobe, selling/donating the pieces I no longer wear, updating it with a few pieces and organizing it all. We got our first hurricane of the year (Dorian) and just like that the weather changed to fall and made me realized summer had come and gone.

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I am sad to admit it’s been a few years since September meant the start of a new school year, new classes and new friends (feeling old a little writing this). Every now and then I miss those college years as they symbolized a new start full of possibilities and opportunities. Now, work is the same year-round and aside from starting a new project, there are not many opportunities like their use to be. This made me miss the change September offered like January symbolizes a new start/year. Strangely this gave me an idea (maybe not brand new as I am sure people online must talk about it). This September I started anew with goals, milestones and challenges (I know we are almost done September but I am late in the bandwagon). I have so many great ideas that I am not sure where to begin: new planner, a new organization, a more productive routine, workouts, healthy eating, meal planning, house cleaning, selling what I do not use, financial planning, budgeting, etc. And after all that I started to feel overwhelmed. I know, totally counter-productive.

As you might be thinking: “that’s all nice but it’s a lot, and a lot at the same time isn’t?” Well, it sure is. If you are new here, (first welcome) you probably don’t know this about me but I have difficulties with productivity and consistency. I make great plans, get all excited about the new thing and a great starter of new habits/things but I struggle with the continuity and finish. In other words, I am a great starter but not a finisher (if you get what I mean). This has been an issue for years and I have yet to find a way to finish (in time or even at all).

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Which brings me to decide on my first and second life change: health. I have a sweet tooth and always have been. I love everything sugary: chocolate, cookies, candy, baked goods, etc. As I get closer to my 30s (arg!), I know this is not sustainable nor healthy for me. I have been trying dark chocolate square to ease into fewer sugary snacks. So far, I enjoy dried dates, dark chocolate squares, home-baked goods with a healthier spin and drinking more water. It does not work all the time but I did notice the cravings have come down. Adding to my food choices, I want to start a routine of yoga and pilates weekly. It was part of my university practice to go to a yoga and pilates class every week and my body has been craving a change and a break from weight training. This being said, I will still go to the gym for spin classes until my membership expires but I don’t intend to renew at this time.

The third life change I want to make relates to finances and budgeting. I never feel good or confident talking about money as we have debts but in the grand scheme of things we are doing well. The house will need work in the next year or so, we are getting a puppy in early spring and have a few financial goals for the upcoming year. In order to accomplish all of those things, we need to be smart about our spending and savings. I have mentioned before that I love Jordan Page from the blog Fun Cheap or Free. She has a very modern and realistic approach to finance which makes sense to me but she also offers productivity tips and tricks. As a mom of almost 8 kids, I think she knows what she is talking about. I also discovered The Financial Diet and The Everygirl which offer their readers financial and career advice (they have more but those two are my fav!).

These are my three big goals until the end of 2019 and they feel obtainable as well as easy little milestone to celebrate my consistency. Productivity wise, as much as I like to complain I never do enough in 24 hours, my to-do list will always have more and will be a never-ending battle. If a do one thing a day, it’s good enough for me. Life has become some hectic and I want to do so much but I have to remind myself to stop, enjoy the baby step forward I made and look forward rather than feel bad about not accomplishing enough. If you started school in September or if you work full-time like me, give yourselves some love and a break. Not all roads are straightforward but I still can enjoy the journey and the beautiful view from the side windows. I hope you enjoyed this post (if so, please take a moment to like it and share it). I truly would love to see you back here so consider subscribing or follow me on social media. As always, I love to read your tips and tricks for consistency and productivity so leave your comments below or DM me. I wish you all the best for this new week!

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