My self-care routine & how to create your own

Hello there! I hope this love month teaches you a few things but mostly how to love and take care of yourselves. In my last post,¬†Simpler & Conscious Valentine’s Day, I shared some way to share the love with your friends and family but I realized that I forgot the most important person, you. Everyone takes care of themselves differently because people have different needs. Here I will share with you my Sunday routine that helps me unwind and start the week on the right path as well as a few things I do during the week.

Sunday morning

Sunday is usually my “get ready for the week” day and Saturday is mostly about relaxing from all the things that happened over the week. I will get groceries, plan meals for the week, laundry, clean and write a little for this blog. It is not super busy but I do a few things to keep the house clean, have clean clothes and have healthy options available to us. I know it is not super exciting but those things need to get done.

Sunday evening

This is my us/me time. We usually have dinner together while watching some TV (not everybody agrees on that but this is a nice time for us). Lately, we have been rewatching The Big Bang Theory and are currently on season 6. If we feel like it, we will sometimes watch a movie from Netflix. After dinner and watching TV, I will start my self-care routine. I like to prepare my gym bag the night before with everything I need for the next day: makeup, skin care, clothing, workout clothes, book, lunch, etc. After everything is ready for the next day, I start with a nice warm bath and a face mask. While in the bath, I usually read a book or listen to an audiobook. After a chapter or two, I will do 10-15 minutes of meditation and sit there for a few minutes before getting out of the tub. After I pad-drying my skin, I will use a face cloth to take the mask off and use my Clarisonic brush with a cleanser. After my face is all nice and clean, I will apply a toner and let it sink into my skin for a few minutes, letting me time to moisturize my body (I will sometimes use my own body butter, other I will use the Body Shop creams I got with their advent calendar). It is now time to moisturize my face with a heavier moisturizer and apply some oil to seal in the moisture. And lastly, it is time for some more reading in bed before finally falling asleep.

How to create a self-care routine

If you feel the need to had some “me” time into your routine, it can start by adding a few minutes to meditate, go to a yoga class (or use YouTube), taking a bath, reading a few pages over your lunch break or even going for a walk whenever possible. It does not have to be long, it does not have to cost you money but it does need to make you feel good and makes you happy. My main advice would be to try a few things to see what helps you unwind and relax. Step by step you can add to this routine and create an oasis of relaxation. I also suggest looking at other people’s routine on Pinterest to get some inspiration and ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this little post on self-care. I purposely did not mention any of the products I currently use because they have been changing frequently to help balance my skin back to normal. Please share in the comments your self-care routine and suggestions you may have. I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s day and hope you will have a great week. I look forward to seeing you back on the blog soon.

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