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Hello everyone! I hope your day is all that you were expecting, maybe even better. With the beginning of the new year, I have a goal to be more productive and consistent in my habits. I am not a very consistent person per se as I go through phases and change my focus often. But 2019 will be the year with my focus on consistency and thanks to technology it might be easier than ever. Today I will share with you all the apps and programs I use to organize my days, my to-do’s, projects, the blog, social media, fitness routine, meditation and more. I am curious to know how do you organize your time and what helps you stay on top of things so share in the comments below.

Organizing my days

My days are very similar because of my 9-5 job. With carpooling I usual am early for work and will go to the gym before I start working. It might come to a shock to some of you but I try not to plan my weekly days so much. I allocate blocks for specific activities instead of planning by the hour. That translates into morning gym, work and dinner. My evenings will change depending on activities with friends we might have planned or the things I need to get done on my to-do list.

With my boyfriend, we jointly started using the app Google Calendar to sync our schedule, upcoming events, activities and birthdays. As you read in my 2019 planning, we also scheduled-in date nights, weekly activities, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It’s only been a few weeks but so far it’s been great to plan and book time with friends as well as make time with each other.

Tasks (To-Do’s)

I currently use the app Reminders that comes with my iPhone. It might not be the greatest out there but so far it works for me. I use it mainly as a brain dump for everything that comes to mind that I do not want to forget. I am still playing with the alarm reminders and the list functions but it helps me not forget things.

I also use Trello for the blog and social media. It is a free app and you can access it online as well. I find it great for projects because you can create a “board” for everything with a list of tasks to be done, a list of tasks in progress, a list of tasks done and ideas. You can customize your boards, lists and pretty much anything about the visual aspect of each board. It is a great way for me to write down ideas for the blog and social media, keep track of tasks to do as well as in progress.

For consistent and recurring tasks I use the app Productivity. I paid to have the full access to this app’s functions. I listed all the tasks I want to accomplish daily and weekly, e.g. drinking water, cleaning the litter box, exercise, blogging, freezer inventory, meditation, yoga, face masks, etc. I set a reminder 3 times a day with tasks I wish to accomplish at that specific time, like exercise is with the morning reminder but the blogging is with the evening reminder. One great thing is that you can skip a task without losing you strick of the completed tasks. It helps when you simply did not have the time to do the required task.


We find out a few months ago a great way to lists all the bigger projects without forgetting about them with a whiteboard. Very simple I will give you but it works very well. We made three columns: his list, my list, joint projects, big house projects, etc. It reminds us of all the things we wish to do around the house. There are also side projects we keep track of. It is also easy to use, edit and update with erasable markers.


As you may know, I use WordPress for this blog. I can access it online and with the app which allows me to draft posts on the go. I prefer using the app to draft ideas for upcoming post whenever I have some free time but I always go online to review and proofread the final product. I also use the add-on app Grammarly to my Chrome browser to help me with proofreading. Once a post is ready, I will schedule it through WordPress to go live on a specific day and time. It is great to plan in advance for content but also to always have content to post.

Social media

I mostly use Instagram, to be honest, and I love using Planoly to plan content and keep the theme but also to schedule posts. I do not always remember to post so it is a great tool to help me be consistent with my postings. You do have to buy a membership for this app but you can access it on your phone as well as online.

I also use the app Facebook Page to manage this blog’s page. I find it better than using the Facebook app directly. With this app, I can plan post and share things I find on minimalism, simple living, ethical and sustainable living, fashion, zero waste, etc. The best part is that I can do that on the go.

I currently am testing out the app Crowdfire to help me post consistently throughout all my platforms. I just started using it so I do not have any comments on it yet. Please let me know in the comments below if you recommend this app or anything else.

Fitness Meditation

I currently use a lot of apps for fitness but I am trying to cut a few down. I have a Fitbit and have been using it for almost 2 years now and I love it. I find it great to get me moving with the 250 steps/hour reminder, challenges with friends, tracking my sleep and water intake, and my workouts. If you remember from my 2019 goals post, I change my fitness routine to build muscle and I use my Fitbit watch and app to track my workout (heart rate), to make sure I eat enough protein and my goal is set to burn 2 000 calories a day.

I also subscribed to the Fitbit Coach and Fitbit yoga program/app to have full body workouts without any equipment. I currently use it between 1 and 3 times a week. Both of those apps require subscriptions but some of the content can be accessed for free.

My meditation app is Headspace. With the beginning of 2019, I started the basic pack again because I stepped off the wagon for months and thought it would be better to get the basics right before using their other packs. It is a great introduction to meditation, starting with 3 minutes and working your way to 10 minutes (my current time). It keeps track of your sessions and you get badges for doing it every day consistently. I am still working on consistently doing 10 minutes every day but I am at 4 times a week.


I used the app Mint for almost a year now but I do not like that your spending categorization can be deleted if your account gets desync from the app. So, I only use this app to get an overview of all my accounts and track my expenses with ExpenSense. You add as many accounts as you want and you customize all the categories of expenses and income. The only downside is that you have to enter everything manually. You can also create your own budget and it shows you how much you spent in each of the categories versus what you budgeted.

To conclude, I use a lot of things and apps to stay organized, plan and schedule things. Not everything works all the time but it does help me stay on tops of things and make sure to use my time wisely. Have you used any of the apps or ticks? What do you use? What works for you? Please don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications when I publish content and follow me on social media for more. I wish you all a very great day and hope to see you back on the blog soon.


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