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Hello readers! I hope all is well. It makes me so happy to share my wishlist of all things with you today. I have saved most of the items below in my browser and am waiting for the perfect time to make the purchases. A fair warning for today’s post as it will be very long, full of links and references so please grab a tea/coffee/water and take your time to go through this post or maybe come back to it when you get a chance. I hope this will inspire you that ethical and sustainable can be very stylish and fashionable. There are many reasons why I have not yet purchased the items or tried the brand below (mainly 2: no need to replace something in my current collection and money). If you tried some of the companies below, please DM me or comment below your experience and recommendations.

This is not sponsored in any way and there are no affiliated links in this blog post. All the opinions below are my own and the information from the descriptions of the brands come from their website directly. I do not own the images used and mostly from the brands’ websites.



Kristina Pants - Tan
Image from Justly Market

Wallis Evera Kristina Pants in tan, available at Justly Market ($147)

It is a Canadian brand from Vancouver with core values of sustainability, simplicity and individuality. They are both ethical and eco-friendly in their use of hemp to create modern workwear.

I love the chic and classic design which is perfect for the office. Yet, the details at the ankle give a casual look as well. This matches my style perfectly and can easily be mistaken for tradition high-end brands.


Hampshire Skinny PantsBoden Hampshire Skinny Pants ($85)

Founded in 1991, this British company retails online. Their core values include joy, the best of British style, bravery, and trust. They also have a sustainable aspect in their company by committing to responsible sourcing across their business, their Modern Slavery statement, using the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code for their suppliers, environmental friendly by using 100% recycled material boxes, and more community involvement.

I love these work pants designed like skinny stretchy jeans. We all love some stretch pants, even better when you can wear them at work. They also have side pockets and are machine washable.

Boden Silk Shirt ($150-160)



As mentioned above, this company has some great sustainable and ethical aspect. I am obsessed with the cut of their silk shirt as well as the beautiful colours and patterns. It gives a bit of funk and fun to your everyday work outfit. It also can be paired quite nicely with the pants previously mentioned.



Boden embellished sweaters ($98-150)

You might remember this great bird patterns from my boxing day purchases since it is the same as my loafers. I find it so simple yet playful. During the winter months, sweaters are my favourite for the office; just as is or layered with a nice shirt underneath. It keeps you warm and stylish.

Amour Vert Marlene Pants in Camel ($238)


They create their clothing with versatility in mind as well as fabrics that don’t pollute and have the lowest possible environmental impact from their local supply chain. They also have a campaign where if you buy a tee they plant a tree with their partner American Forest (link).

I was first interested in their brand from this pair of work pants. It would look great paired with some of my shirts as well as sweaters. I am not sure about the colour but absolutely love the design and the cut of the pants.

Amour Vert Silk Blouse ($158-168)

As you probably realized by now, I really like shirts for work with pants, skirts even with jeans on the weekend. I find these so versatile and classic yet modern.


Amour Vert Joggers ($78)



These joggers are made from beech wood fibre (their soft Modal fabric). They are stretch with pockets. It is made in the USA and machine washable. I currently do not need loungewear but I am curious about the fabric and just love comfy clothes around the house. I will probably wear them outside the house for short walks or even for grocery shopping.




Because no wardrobe is complete without shoes and accessories, here are some of the things I have on my wishlist.

Everlane The Boss Flat ($165)


I mentioned Everlane in my boxing day purchases but I will reintroduce them to you. They are a great company with the claim of “Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency.” They have an ethical approach with lasting quality in mind and great prices.

I tested loafers when I purchased my first pair from Boden and am in love with the style and comfort. I would like to give a try to these leather pair in this great neutral colour.

The Root Collective Gaby Flat ($98)



The Root Collective is a shoe company based in the US and handcrafted in Guatemala. They provide employment to communities with fair wages.

They are colourful and play with texture for both flats and boots. The design and mix are beautiful. This was a discovery from the blog The Good Trade.



Skin Care

Young Living ART Skin Care System ($186.51)


I discovered this brand because of Nikki Philippi (YouTube Channel) since she is a representative of the brand. I do not know much about the brand behind the scene but their mission is:

“We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.”

They offer a wide range of essential oils, cleaning products and skin care. I am curious to use essential oils in my skin care and see the effects on my skin. I also enjoy diffusing oils in the house as oppose to using air refresher.

Justly Market Bare Skin Bar ($24)



They are an alternative to Lush bath bombs. They use natural ingredients and essential oils. Bare Skin Bars are handcrafted in microbatches and offer various benefits from detox to softening. The colours are fun and the pack they come in is fairly large ($24 for 4 bars).


The Honest Company Younger + Clearer skin care ($69.99)


This company has expanded since its inception. I remember when the products were mainly for babies. Now, it offers from cleaning products to baby products as well as skin care and makeup. They pride themselves with avoiding chemicals without compromising the high-quality products. They also give back by donating baby products, skin care and cleaning supplies.

I have heard great things about their baby line and am so excited to test their skin care as well as their cleaning products. My main issue with this company is their products being constantly out of stock. I have been unable to purchase anything on my wishlist because they are sold out. I keep looking periodically but no luck. Let me know if you did use them.

Saje ($19.95-39.95)


This is a Canadian own and operated company. Saje is rooted in environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility. All of our ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources. They offer essential oils, diffusers, and natural skin care products.

I tried their moisturizer before and my skin reacted very well to it. I would eventually like to try the whole line for dry/sensitive skin.


Beauty Counter Countermatch Collection($242)product-images_7176_imgs_bc_countermatch_skincare_collection_001_final

I mentioned this brand in a previous post about my beauty routine. They are a natural beauty company that provides quality products without the chemical ingredients inside (their full list is here). I have previously tried their nourishing day cream, brown pencil, stick sunscreen, makeup remover, and sugar body scrub. I love all of these and look forward to trying more of their products. With the winter drying my skin, I am interested in their countermatch collection for a lightweight moisturizer adapted to my skin’s need.

Primally Pure Deodorant ($16)

capture d_écran 2019-01-20 à 11.54.37

The story behind this company is a very interesting one. The owner, Bethany, originally “started beyond organic livestock farm in Southern California called Primal Pastures, she discovered the power of eating real food and her eyes were opened to a new world of wellness. Bethany subsequently purged her bathroom cabinets of toxic conventional skincare products and began formulating her own replacements with pure, simple ingredients.” They use fewer ingredients from natural sources.

I have been looking for an alternative to conventional deodorant but have not found a good replacement yet. I discovered this brand with social media and the reviews are very good. Once I finish my current deodorant, I will give one of these a try.

Cocooning Love Masks ($18)

capture d_écran 2019-01-20 à 11.55.25

This company is based in Montreal and their products are made in the same city. Their products are made in small quantities to keep them as fresh as possible. Effective, simple and honest with 100% without chemicals as well as not tested on animals.

The colours of their mask are so cute. Some can also work for face and hair, who doesn’t love double duty? The reviews are also great for this company, especially for the mask.

There! I know this was a very long post and it did take me weeks to complete. I apologize for not posting last week but hope this post will get you interested in some of those great brands. Let me know if you do recommend other brands, products and if you have tested some of the above brands or products. I look forward to testing these at some point this year and will review them on the blog so make sure to subscribe to get notified when I post (simply enter your email in the box from the top left menu). I hope to see you back on the blog soon and keep following me regularly on my IG stories. Have a lovely day!


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