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Hello there and welcome to 2019! I took a few days off social media to enjoy the Holidays with family and friends and am ready to start this new year on a strong note. I hope you did the same and enjoyed the holiday time with your family, friends, people, tribe, or community. I shared with you my New Year’s plan for 2019 in my last post but I did a thing over the holidays.

As you probably understand from the title I went shopping on boxing day (probably too much). I decided to take the plunge and try some of the brands I have been following for months now. Not everything I bought was clothing or beauty nor was it from all ethical stores but I was going for sustainable (long lasting) and natural as much as possible. So if you love fashion and beauty, this is your post! Grab a warm beverage and keep on reading as I review my purchases and thoughts on the brands.

This post is not sponsored and every purchased were made by me with my own money. These are things I had on my wishlist for a while and brands I deeply wanted to try. All opinions are my own. I do not use affiliate links in this post but I use the referral link for <a href=”“>ebates to help you save when you shop online.


David’s tea

I know it is probably not the most ethically grown tea out there but I love their flavours and seasonal specials. I purchased some of my favourite flavours while they were on sale. That includes Santa’s Secret, Caramel Shortbread, Candy Cane Crush, the gift of detox box and Sleigh Ride. I try to buy a few flavours while they go on sale but buy enough to last me for months (I only have tea once every other day, only one cup). I also like to have coffee in the morning but tea is my pm pick me up or after dinner. It helps me relax and especially in the winter makes me feel cozy.


Every boxing day is the same with Lush as people go crazy with the BOGO. One year I even had to wait in line to access the site! Anyway, this year was not too bad but I was on the west coast on boxing day and most of the things were all sold out. I was able to purchase the Gingerbread man, Ectoplasm and Scrub Scrub Scrub. I like their scrub, bath bombs and body butter soaps. In the winter, I like to add that extra hydration before I apply my body lotion. The body butter soaps are a great way to moisturize your skin in the shower without having to apply lotion after a shower. Bath bombs are just so relaxing so I save them when needed. It is so fun to have various ones to help you unwind and take care of your skin.


This purchase is highly encouraged by the HealthNut because she talks about this brand so much on her YouTube channel. I have heard of this natural beauty company before and it has great reviews so I decided to try their sample pack as well as their holiday mask box set. As you can imagine I have lots of products from my advent calendar and have yet to try everything I ordered but I will let you know on my IG stories so make sure to stay tuned.



So excited for this one because it is one of the brands I first discovered last year while searching for work clothes. Their design is classic but modern at the same time. I purchased two pairs of pants as well as two sweaters. I did not realize their site was only in US dollars so it turned out to be way more expensive than I anticipated (converting US into CDN is not great at the moment). I will be more careful next time I shop there. It also took close to 3 weeks to be delivered, which I believe is not their fault but the delivery company. When I emailed them about it, their customer service was outstanding. I finally received it yesterday and am so in love with every piece.


Totally fell in love with this company even if it is not fully ethical or sustainable but The Good Trade does recommend them (they have some ethical and sustainable part in their company). They have beautiful colours, design and fun clothing as well as shoes. I would have bought so much but limited myself to a pair of slippers, a pair of loafers and a striped long sleeve shirt. So far, I love them all but the loafers hurt my feet as they adjust to their fit. The best part is that I got some cash back by using ebates while shopping.



This Canadian company was all over social media before the holidays and it caught my eye. I was looking for comfortable and seamless underwear and they seem perfect. I purchased one bra and a set of panties. Strangely I am still getting used to the bra because I am so used to my very old deformed La Senza bras. It is very comfortable and you can’t see it under your clothes, which were my criteria, but it also doesn’t have as much lift and form (aka the “perfect round ad boobies”).



I only purchased one pair of pants for work but they have beautiful designs. The fit was well described and I don’t even need to have them tailored. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. I only needed to refresh them before wearing them. Also note that depending on your country, you might need to pay customs fees (I sure did!).

Share Hope

I have been a fan of Lululemon for years and still love their design but I heard about this great company similar to it. They only have one pair of leggings which I ordered. They are well fitted and very comfortable. My only issues are when I bend over you can see my underwear. Since I am not using them to workout I don’t really care but I stay mindful if I wear them outside the house.


Still one of my favourite stores for beauty so I bought some products using ebates for cash back (it was double on boxing day).

There you have it! That was my expensive boxing day purchases for the next few months for sure. If you follow me on IG, I started to post OOTD with the above pieces and how I style them with the items currently in my wardrobe. If you have any questions about the brands above or alternatives recommendations or opinions please leave comments below, you can also DM me if you prefer.

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