My productivity apps & programs

Hello everyone! I hope your day is all that you were expecting, maybe even better. With the beginning of the new year, I have a goal to be more productive and consistent in my habits. I am not a very consistent person per se as I go through phases and change my focus often. But… Continue reading My productivity apps & programs

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My wishlist – ethical fashion & beauty

Hello readers! I hope all is well. It makes me so happy to share my wishlist of all things with you today. I have saved most of the items below in my browser and am waiting for the perfect time to make the purchases. A fair warning for today's post as it will be very… Continue reading My wishlist – ethical fashion & beauty

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Boxing day purchases

Hello there and welcome to 2019! I took a few days off social media to enjoy the Holidays with family and friends and am ready to start this new year on a strong note. I hope you did the same and enjoyed the holiday time with your family, friends, people, tribe, or community. I shared… Continue reading Boxing day purchases


New year planning: goals, health and values

It is that time of year where everyone is hoping to better themselves. 2019 is officially here and it is time to set goals and plan for a great new year. In a previous post, we look at our Why and back at what we accomplished in 2018. It's nice to look at our progression and… Continue reading New year planning: goals, health and values