Fall/Winter beauty routine

Hello lovely readers! I would like to take a second to thank you for coming over the blog and reading my content. I sometimes forget that I write things for you and I truly enjoy when the readings and comments are there. It really warms my heart to know you are there and interested in my posts (views are up as well as follows šŸ˜²). I am planning my content for 2019 and would love to know your interests and things you would like to see on the blog. You can message me in private or leave comments below. There are also a few great changes coming so make sure to subscribe or follow me on social media to get the scoop. This topic might be a bit late but I did change my beauty routine with the colder weather making its official coming. It is later here in Nova ScotiaĀ than probably other places in the world but we did get -20 degrees Celsius and my skin is feeling it. That means it is time to change things up and increase moisture as well as enter the cocooning mode. I also started to have some acne on my skin and oily hair which means increase scrubs as well as hydration. What is your current routine?

Morning routine

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I start with micellar water to remove any dirt left from the night before using Garnier Micellar water following with my cleanser and Clarisonic Mia 2. I switch between 2 cleansers at the moment (La Roche Posay Effaclar and Omnorovieza) but both are very gentle.

Then I would normally use some toner to seal things before a serum and moisturizer. This being said, this winter I try to keep it simple with Khiel’s eye cream and JoWaĆ« moisturizing light cream. An eye cream is a must in my opinion so I use it every single day.

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On the days I work, I will apply sunscreen to protect my skin from lights (blue light). I currently use the Beauty Counter mineral sunscreen stick. In the winter, I like to add a primer before the foundation to help keep moisture in but also help my makeup hold all day long. I tend to go heavier with a foundation in the winter for more coverage and long-lasting. My daily makeup is very natural and consist mostly of concealer, foundation, mascara and eyebrow pencil/gel. It has not really changed since my last makeup post. I want to get back into eyeshadows and eyeliner because I miss playing with colours and eye shapes. Would you be interested to see it on IG?

Night routine

After a long day, I am so excited to take the day away so I use makeup remover to take everything off (micellar water doesn’t work as well with heavier makeup). After that, I usually will use some micellar water to take any dirt before using my Clarisonic Mia 2 with a gentle cleanser or this konjac sponge (this one is from Saje). Then my favourite part is to feel my skin to see if it needs a mask or toner before my moisturizer (currently trying Clarins Hydra-Essentiel). I finish things with a hydrating oil to seal in all the moisture and help my skin settle before bed. Once or twice a week I will exfoliate my face and body following with a deeply hydrating moisturizer or oil or both depending on how I feel. Every other night, I try to use the AlphaH glycolic acid and the Sunday Riley Luna oil.

Other secrets

Clarisonic – I love this thing! I haven’t used it and my skin does tell me when it needs it. So far I tried to use it twice a day but it often becomes too much and I bring it back to once a day. You can change the head brush depending on what your skin needs.

Cleaning brushes – I am guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges enough. It is one of my goals to clean them bi-weekly, even weekly.

Makeup remover – I know people that can only use micellar water to remove makeup but I do think it is not enough. I tried it multiple times and my skin does need a traditional makeup remover before the micellar water. Otherwise, my pores get clogged and dirt stays on my skin.

Mask – I absolutely love masks but always forget about them. I try to set a reminder to at least have one every week to help my skin with hydration or clogged pores or acne.

What is your secret to keeping moisture into your skin during the dry winter season? Any secret weapon or products you swear by? Does your skin change with the season? Leave comments below and as usual don’t forget to like and subscribe if you like the content and want to know when I post more on the blog. You can do that from the menu on the top left corner by entering your email. I hope this was helpful to you and help you keep hydrated and glowing skin during this harsh season. This will be my last post of the year but will be back in 2019 to share more content with you. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Holiday season!

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