How to travel ethically & consciously?

Hello readers! I am glad to see you on the blog today and hope you will have a look around and, maybe subscribe to get the emails when I post new content. As the holiday season comes, a few of you will be travelling to be with family, friends or on a holiday trip and thought it would be the perfect time to share how we travel with a minimal impact. Is travelling ethically possible? Or should you be conscious of your impact? I believe the answer is yes. You should support companies with good ethics and minimize your impact on the environment whenever possible. Since our families both leave quite far away, we travel every few years to be with them over the holidays. As I try to improve my impact while I travel, here are a few things I keep in mind and support.

Travel Ethically

The company I choose is mainly based on the price because of the flights to Calgary are expensive, we try to find good deals to limit the impact on our finances. We have been travelling for a few years now and usually go with the same airline which, funny enough, one of my friends works for them. They are very good to their employees (wages, vacations, etc.), they usually have great customer service, an extra plane in case there are any issues and their prices are usually fair. Sometimes, other companies are cheaper or have better times but we keep using the same one as we are very happy to support them. A bonus is their reward points program.

Travel Consciously

During our travels, I try to limit my footprints and impact whenever possible. We use our own reusable water bottle, share the registered suitcase, only have one carry-on (on top of my purse obviously), and we realize that travelling, in general, is not the most environmental-friendly thing. But flights work best for us to go from the East Coast to the West Coast compared to trains (which are not great in Canada versus Europe) or even driving there.

As mentioned, these are only a few things I have in mind while travelling and I try to improve as we go because I know it does have negative impacts. I truly enjoy travelling, exploring new places, discovering a new culture, trying new food and interacting with people from other countries. If you have a different way to travel or have great tips or tricks to be ethical and conscious while you travel, please leave a comment below. If you read other posts from conscious bloggers on the topic, please leave them below as well. I hope this helps you in a small or large way to think about travel. Don’t forget to subscribe for more conscious living content and I hope to see you back soon.

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