Inquiry into the why

As the year 2018 come to an end, I started the reflection on what I accomplished in 2018, things that have evolved or changed, friendships that have come and gone, and a great community on the ethical and sustainable lifestyle. I like to look back at how I started 2018 and how it is now closing. Then, I like to fix goals with where I would like to go or be by the end of 2019. I do not normally set new year’s resolutions because I get overwhelmed easily with all that I would like to do. Instead, I try to set small shorter term achievable goals throughout the year. But, more on this later as we need to start deep with the why. With all this philosophical talk and reflection, I would like to invite you and join me to inquire into the why you started and appreciate the changes you made. Here are the reflection questions:

Why did you start?

Why are you doing it?

Why do you keep doing it?

What did you achieve since you started?

What would you like to achieve?

I love those questions because they force you to think deep and really look inside yourselves and who you are. It also helps to remind ourselves of how far you have come in comparison to where you started. Progression is good but keep in mind that it is not linear. You will have ups and downs. It is normal and everyone experiences them throughout their journey.

My Why

I started this blog after years of reading about slow fashion, ethical and sustainable brands as well as ways to be environmentally friendly while still living the same way. I wanted to learn more about ethical fashion, the people creating brands and supporting their community, sustainable ways to purchase everyday items, but mostly, I wanted to share the changes people can make to help and review what I tested. Today, I love testing new natural cosmetics and beauty products. It became a bit of an obsession as there are so many amazing brands out there with amazing products. I created a list of brands and slowly testing one at a time. As for fashion, I use to shop at second-hand stores when I was younger with my parents and started to enjoy them again. It is a great sustainable way to get “new” clothes and accessories and you get to have your own style. The chances someone else has the same piece of clothing as you are very limited. Also, I do have a passion for some high-end brands (as mentioned a few times on the blog). My budget does not share this passion nor does my ethical side to support some of the big name’s practices. This is why second-hand becomes magical in my opinion, you can get those beautiful high-end pieces while saving money, keeping true to your values of ethical consumption and sustainable for the environment.

Since I started, I downsized my wardrobe considerably and am now able to fit both my summer and winter clothing in my closet, without extra storage need (I know, I am in shock as well). I was so proud that I even made a blog post about it. On the beauty side of things, my skin reacted really well to the slow and progressive change to a more natural skin care regiment and surprisingly, my wallet did not suffer as much as I thought it would. The idea that natural beauty is expensive is false. Well, some brands are but for the most part, they are affordable or in the same price range as regular products. On the fashion side, I researched and slowly discovered so many ethical, sustainable or second-hand companies offering great clothing, accessories and shoes. Their prices are higher than I expected, well in all things being relative since I try to shop mostly second-hand which makes things extremely affordable. I have purchased a few things on Vestiaire Collective and a purse from Matt&Nat. As of now, that section of the blog has been mostly about second-hand shopping but I hope to start testing brands more frequently in 2019 (I’m saving money and everything for it). If you have go ‘s brands, please leave them in the comments below as I would love to know about them. I find it easier to trust a brand when it is recommended to you then if you just “found” it online.

In 2019, I will need to replace some of my shoes and boots, which I already started shopping for. I have to say that I am not a fan of second-hand shoes for probably invalid reasons but as a goal, I want to purchase from Vestiaire Collective used as well as from ethically-made. Do you have a preference for real or fake leather? There seems to be a huge debate on that, with vegan option vs sustainability. I will also need to refresh my work-clothes and I am so excited to try brands like Boden, Everlane, Judith and Charles, Amour Vert and more. In an upcoming post, there will be all the items on my current list of products and companies to test for both you dear readers and me.

In conclusion, I have lots of things I would like to do in 2019 in regards to this blog’s content and it gets me excited to think about all the things I tested so far and all that is to come. I hope to keep growing my ethical and sustainable lifestyle, discover amazing beauty brands and wear skilled and well-crafted clothing from companies that support my values, help the community and believe in an equal world. I might make mistakes, I might stray from this but I hope to continue in this direction. I would love if you would subscribe to receive emails every time I post on the blog and follow me on IG or join the Facebook page as I share my findings with you. Have an amazing day!


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