The struggles of a side-hustle

Hello lovely readers! I hope your day is good and you are excited about side-hustles. You may know this already but side-hustles are a very good way to earn extra more money on top of your main income. I keep noticing online more and more content on the subject and benefit of side-hustles to help with debt repayment as well as saving money for big expenses. It fascinates me to be able to earn an extra income to help with regular expenses, debt repayment and being able to splurge on special things. All this being said, I noticed there are also struggles to a side-hustle, especially after starting this blog and working hard on it without any revenue three struggles felt very real to me. So today I share with you my 3 struggles with this blog.


I will be brutally honest here but some days I just don’t want to work on this blog. It doesn’t matter how passionate I am about all this or how much I enjoy sharing my transition to a conscious lifestyle. I have no drive and no desire to write, proofread or create the images for posts. I feel no willpower mostly after a very busy day at my full-time job. As you may know, I work full-time as a legal assistant (8:30am to 5pm). I also go to the gym 5 mornings a week before work. So, you will understand that I do not have much time to work on this blog some weeks.


As mentioned a little above, with a full-time job and family related things it is sometimes hard to find the time for a side-hustle. It takes a great organization to free time out of your daily schedule to devote it to this other job while still accomplishing all of our tasks, to-do items and balance everything to keep a sleep routine. I would say that I am not very organized because I cannot keep a regular schedule to work on blog posts and I struggle with a regular posting schedule (any other bloggers like me?). Although I still test various beauty brands and research ethical or sustainable fashion companies weekly.


Some weeks I will have a very productive weekend; completing my to-do’s, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, eating healthy, exercising and spending time with my boyfriends. Other weeks I will spend most of my time watching TV shows on Netflix, movies, YouTube videos or simply going around all my social media platforms (IG, Pinterest and Facebook).

One thing that helps me to be somewhat productive is to preplan my posts on the blog as well as on social media. When I am able to spend more time reading articles, blog posts, etc. I like to pre-plan my posts. That way I am not overwhelming you with 30 posts in one day rather 2 weeks of spread posts. I am still trying various platforms to help me with that; e.g. Buffer, Crowdfire, Hootsuite. If you have great recommendations, please email them to me or leave comments below.


As you probably know, nobody is made of money. We need to work in order to get paid/earn an income. To start a side-hustle might cost you, which is often not discussed online before you get to earn an income from it. Of course, that depends on the time of side-hustle you have and what type of industry you work in. That being said, all products I try and talk about on the blog have been purchased with my own money. I rarely receive products from brands (happened only once) but look forward to collaboration and testing more products. As you will understand, I would love nothing more than talk to you about all the amazing products and company I discovered but for funding reasons, have yet to test and review them. So please bear with me, it will come like all good things in due time.

I hope you enjoyed this post on side-hustles. Any of you have side jobs? Does it help you with your budget? I would love to read your thoughts on the subject. As usual, please don’t forget to share and comment. I hope to see you back on the blog soon and if you want to know when posts are going live, you can subscribe to the blog via the link under the top left menu. You are also more than welcome to follow me on my social media, see links at the top menu. I wish you all the best!

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