Sustainable Holiday Season – 2018 Edition

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Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. With the holiday season fastly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favourite blogger and Youtuber with their lists and recommendations for this festive season and how it can be made ethical and sustainable while still enjoying our traditions. This holiday will officially be my first season being conscious, ethical and sustainable. I am learning how to include this new way of life into my traditions over the holiday season. You can find my previous post on bloggers and YouTubers I like but these are mainly related to an ethical, sustainable and minimalist holiday season. Leave in the comments below some other sources, suggestions or inspiration.

My Green Closet – blogger and YouTuber

I did mention her blog and YouTube channel in the above-linked post on the blog but will re-introduce her.

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My Holiday Traditions & Plans

We do not have lots of tradition in my family. We started creating new ones with my boyfriend a few years ago now. Here are a few of the things we try to do every year or so to make this season festive. I am the type of person who loves everything about the holiday season, the snow, hot chocolate, gifts, trees, lights, etc.

Christmas Tree

We purchased our very own tree (artificial large tree) from an older couple on Kijiji. Previously, I always had artificial trees but they were fairly small to accommodate the space in my apartment. Now that we have a house, I wanted to get the big fat Christmas tree of my dreams. I looked online for weeks to find an affordable one and finally found this guy with all the lights in and for free. We picked it up the same day. It turns out that some of the lights needed to be changed but it was still full of light that we kept it that way for the first year.

During the same period, I also was looking online for used ornaments to decorate the tree. I previously had plastic ones for the small tree but with this big fat tree, it was not going to be enough. Once again I found glass ornaments for sale on Kijiji for, if I remember correctly, $50. They are beautiful red, green and gold ornaments in different shape and sizes.

Every year from this point on, we go to the Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11 and start decorating the house in the afternoon. Some years we will put the tree the same day, some other we put it the next day. We since have replaced the lights in the tree and the star topper (I broke the original the first year … of course). As for the little tree, we still have it in the basement and the cat really enjoys having his own tree and ornaments to play with, which saves my glass ornaments.


I love to create an atmosphere in the house for the holidays and smell is one that brings memories and makes it festive. I previously would purchase candles, such as cinnamon, pine, caramel, wood, etc. But since last year, I use my oil diffuser and absolutely love it. I can create blends of my own and change it up throughout the season.


Because we come from far away cities, we decided to create a three-year rotation in order to save on travel, gifts and still see our families. My boyfriend is from Alberta and my family is still in Montreal. You understand that visiting both families during the holidays is not only time consuming but also very expensive. Our solution was to visit my family one year, his the next, and be just us in our house on the third year. We would also send small gifts by mail or contribute with other family members for bigger gifts the year we would not be there.

Advent Calendar

This is probably one of my favourite things about the holidays. I like to get a different beauty advent calendar every year. I know it is not the most sustainable thing but they are mostly recyclable and I get to try lots of products. This year, I will be getting the Enchanted Ultimate Advent Calendar from The Body Shop and I got chocolates from The Newfoundland Chocolate Company for the boyfriend.

I would love to read your traditions for this festive season. What do you do every year? What do you like the most? Which movies are a classic in your family? How do you stay ethical and sustainable during this season? Please don’t forget to subscribe to receive emails every time I post a new article on the blog and to share with family and friends for this lovely season. You can also follow me on the Facebook page or on Instagram. I hope you are ready for the holidays and full of joy for the upcoming new year. There will be a few changes coming up on the blog and my social media so make sure to stay tuned. Has usual, have a lovely day!

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