The cost of ethical fashion & beauty – is it really more expensive?

Hello readers! I hope your day is off to a good start. We have done so much travelling that my body was aching and needed some attention and downtime. This post has required more research and time to write than I originally thought which is why not much was posted in October but I believe you will enjoy it. I was looking at alternatives to prevent cold and get my body back on the health track when I thought it would be nice to review the cost of ethical fashion and beauty to see if the preconception of a higher price is true or if it equates to mid/high-end products. I hope this will give you some clarity about the world of natural beauty product.

DISCLAIMER: I would like to disclaim I did not try all the below brands and cannot compare efficiency between the brands but mainly their prices. Also, the brands I picked are just examples and I have nothing against them, even like some of their products.

The main perception

We often hear around us the reason people are not more into natural beauty products, ethical fashion and make environmentally friendly choices is because of two things: convenience and costs. The first one is hard because people need to change their own consumption habits and that can take a few weeks or even months. You need to see beyond the original convenience and look ahead at the impact on people as well as the earth. The second one is the most interesting in my opinion. We like to “treat” ourselves with things while being frugal and that is a good thing. Nobody should spend money for the sake of spending money and little rewards for being frugal can be a motivating tool to accomplish our financial goals. My issue is with the idea of luxury and quality as out of reach. We should see purchasing natural products as an investment we make for our body and the planet. We started to realize that the use of certain chemicals are not great long-term and some chemicals should be avoided completely. Somehow, people accept easily the cost of high-end products and their claim but distrust smaller natural companies with cleaner ingredients. That fascinates me. The distrust in cleaner products may be coming from frivolous brand claims in the past with their “natural” products that were not natural. Which is why I encourage you to research, question and learn.

Invest in what you believe in

If you see brands like Clarins or Elizabeth Arden as luxury brands because of their price, you might be surprised to know that natural products might be similar in price but have cleaner ingredients, such as Beauty Counter or Fresh. In my opinion, you should choose products based on their content (ingredients) and their impact on the environment. I am guilty myself to sometimes going for convenience and regretting either spending the money or supporting a company but I try my best and remind myself that I invest in my values. I have yet to find a replacement for all the products I use daily but still keep searching.


I noticed that we have a very strange way to reason or justify ourselves. If we have disposable income, we accept that we can spend that money worry-free. We might purchase something we need, maybe not. The part that puzzles me is when we are not so financially stable. We don’t have disposable income and yet spend small amounts on nothing and everything. That brings us in the circle of spend-pay-spend.

My question for you is: how is that we can justify spending $2 on coffees every day or $10 for this new product all throughout the month when we could have saved that money and invested in purchasing one or two things supporting our community and good for us?

Compare high-end and natural

Now, what you have been waiting for, the comparison between high-end and natural brands.

High-end Average skin care cost Natural Average skin care cost
Clarins $36-138 Bio Nuxe $25-70
Elizabeth Arden $30-200 Beauty Counter $34-94
Vichy $20-60 Burt’s Bees $13-26
Biotherm $40-88 Live Clean $10-20
La Roche Posay $10-50 Pixi  $10-41 
Estée Lauder $28-145 Indie Lee $36-130

As you can see, some brands are really expensive in both high-end as well as natural. Surprisingly, most of the above brands are available at the drugstore and somewhat affordable. I encourage you to look at the ingredients list of the natural brands mentioned above. I hope this helps with the decision of which brand of beauty products to use and maybe interest you to try something new.

I decided not to use brands like L’Oréal, Marcelle, Neutrogena, etc. because they are the most affordable.

In conclusion, it is just a preconception that natural beauty product cost more than well known and high-end beauty brands. Some of their products are great and as mentioned I am still using some products from non-natural beauty brands but I truly enjoy trying alternative products. What are the natural brands you love? What products can’t you live without? I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to more content coming your way. As usual, please don’t forget to subscribe to receive an email when I post new content or follow me on IG. I wish you a very good day and hope to see you back here soon.

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