September Favourites

Hello lovely readers! I hope your day is going well and you are excited about another monthly favourite. I started this series a few months ago to share reviews on products I tried and enjoyed within this simple conscious living. Sadly, this month has not been so good for new purchases, testing and conscious living. There have been lots of changes in a short amount of time as I changed employer, we prep the house for this new season and travelled for weddings. This made me less present on social media and on this blog but every change were very exciting. I will slowly get back into a rhythm but I still wanted to share some of my favourite things. I hope you will still enjoy it and don’t forget to join us on the Facebook page and my social media for regular content.

This season

As some of you may know, this is my favourite season of them all with the colour in the trees, the scarves/boots/jackets, and the harvest of the most flavourful food. I enjoy pumpkin everything and apple everything (soup, coffee, puree, pie). I love cooking and baking with local ingredients and seasonal flavours. Every year I make my own tomato sauce and canned it for the year and make-ahead meals for the freezer (to be cooked in the crockpot, instant pot or the oven). I am not someone who enjoys the cold weather since I am always cold but I love to be inside looking at the cold weather with a tea in hand. What is your favourite season?

Celebration of love

We had the chance to celebrate love with our family and friends as we travelled for 2 weddings this fall. It has been pricey but we enjoyed our time with them as well as the memories made on their special day. It has been a pleasure to witness them become their own families.

Not so conscious living

As mentioned above, I did some purchased that were not so ethical or sustainable or from natural ingredients this month. I still use all the products I had in my last few monthly favourites but had to make some emergency purchases; e.g. clutch and foundation. With all of this being said, I still was able to be environmentally friendly with my beauty products using what I had, buy second-hand outfits for the events we went to and shop my closet for accessories and shoes to wear.

In conclusion, this past month has been balanced between my new way of life and accepting having to use what is available while travelling. I hope you enjoyed this short monthly favourites and seeing you back on the blog soon. I would love to read you so leave comments below about your monthly favourites, this season and family/friends time.

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