Transforming into an eco-friendly home

Along with my interest in minimalism, simple and ethical living, I also got interested in being more environmentally conscious. Some people need to go all in on this one but I prefer to ease into it and adjust along the way. I also don’t have the money to change everything inside and outside the house all at once. Thus, I will do small changes to help lower my consumption and save some money. I decided to share with you today some of the things I changed or plan to change to be more environmentally friendly.


This is a big one that is easy to change and has so many options. The best part is the less you use the less you pay (yeah!). We decided to invest in electricity efficient appliances in the kitchen as well as washer and dryer, which we only use in the winter since we have a clothesline. That helps a lot in electricity consumption reduction. Another thing we try to do is limit our use of hot water which means we wash clothes in cold water and try to limit baths and dishwasher usage. If you don’t use hot water often, you don’t need to heat it.

This may annoy some people but I try to unplug appliances if they are not being used, I do it if we leave for extended periods of time like a vacation. That way no energy is being used unnecessarily and I also feel safer for power overage and fire.


LED lights can get really expensive so we replaced our lights as needed rather than all of them. We still have some old ones and we will change them whenever needed for LEDs. We try not to leave them on unnecessarily and we never have outdoors light on.

Cleaning supplies

I don’t use a lot of cleaning products but will use whatever I have before buying from more eco-friendly brands. Currently, I have a mix of both and use a vacuum without bags to avoid to trash them. If you have good recipes or brands leave them in the comments below.


We invested in programmable thermostats for the common rooms to limit heating unnecessarily the house while we are at work and set the same temperature all throughout the house. We did notice an impact on our bill over last winter. As a result, we keep the house cooler and wear sweaters as well during the very cold days of Canadian winter. It helps lower the temperature when we are not there and bring it up slightly before we get there.


That is something we always do and try to improve as we go. Our city is good for allowing a green bin for composting material that they will pick up every other week. We tried to start our own compost but it is a science in itself, thus very hard to do well.


I love fresh picked fruit and veggies from the garden but I am not very good growing them. I was able to grow tomatoes, persil, basil, and dill this year but did not get many berries. I have a good plan for next year and hopefully will be more successful with outcrops.


We don’t do laundry often to save on water usage and interestingly, soap is not that bad for the environment (although I try to be careful). We air try as much as possible during the summer and limit usage of the dryer in the winter. If you have ideas to be more eco-friendly, please leave comments below.

There you have 7 things to help you transform your home into an eco-friendly one. If you have any suggestions or comments I would love to read you in the comments below. As always don’t forget to like if you enjoyed this type of posts and I hope to see you back on the blog soon. Have a lovely week!

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