Back to school – Supplies & Success

Hello readers! I hope your day is going great and the week was not too bad this far. We are now halfway through August and that only means two things: 1) there are only a few weeks and days before the everything pumpkin season starts, and 2) the back to school prep is now in full motion. I am one of those who would go back to school (college or university) any day. I loved it! But I remind myself of the hard midterms and stressful finals as well as the small income. It usually gets me back on track to go on with where I am now. Today, I would like to share with you some of my tips & tricks about supplies and success.


Before you start the school year, you want to make sure you have what you need. This seems obvious to some but it makes a big difference if you have what you need to do your studies; books, laptop, paper, printer, etc. In primary school or high school, it is easier because they give you a list of all the materials you’ll need for the year. In college or university, they will list books and coursepacks but that will be it. You are in charge of everything else.

Here are a few tips I learned in university:

  1. Note taking. Can you type faster than you can write or vice versa? Taking your notes on your computer or notepad will make a major difference in how you retain the material. Maybe you need to write it down and type it in a Word document to retain the maximum information. If you can find your style for note taking (short handwriting, handwritten or typed, a combination of both, etc), you will get ahead of your classmates learning the material in class. Also, this will guide you to what you will require equipment wise for the year ahead.
  2. Homeworks. It is important to do them. I know, they are the worst but they do help to learn quicker plus you look very smart in front of the teacher. The bonus is that you can ask questions and further your understanding of the material by asking a question to the teacher. Most classes will be a specific topic thus you need to understand it in order to get the class as a whole.
  3. Technology. Nowadays, most teachers are tech savvy and it is possible to submit homework, research paper or dissertation online. If you have your own computer that is great but the library might become your best friend. You will need it to research so might as well use the computers there and save on that new fancy laptop.


Friendship. One thing I did not like in university was the team projects. You always have some that works way too much and another that does nothing for the team. If you can find friends or classmates that have the same study style as you, you can create a study group and help each other out throughout the year. It helped me so much to have a community studying with me to further the discussions or to explain complicated concepts. It was great to discuss different perspectives and argue our point of view respectfully. Another great thing about having friends in your class is to borrow/share notes if you cannot another a specific class or even if you misunderstood parts of the lecture.

Doubt. The professor teaching your class knows a lot about that specific subject but it doesn’t mean they know it all. Ask questions and have a friendly debate about concepts. Be careful because some teachers don’t like that so you will need to test it out. Some professors love to discuss and further the discussion of different perspectives or school of thoughts even if it is not their own.

CuriosityIf you study a program you are interested in, it should be natural to be curious of topics related to that field. I would like to encourage you to learn more about what you are passionate about but also things you may not have that much interest in. You might learn something new and even if it seems not that interesting at first, you might enjoy it.

Try. My last tip for you would be to give it your best and at least try. People always try to succeed with the first attempt but you learn so much from failing and trying again that I will recommend keeping trying. If you need help, universities and colleges have so many services you can reach to about almost anything, some of even free.

This is not much but those are the things I remember from my time at university, some I did and some I wish I knew back then. I apologize for the late posting and the weird post on Friday. I had some issues to post this. I hope you enjoyed it, if so, please leave comments below or like. I would love to read about your school experience and your own tips and tricks. Do you have suggestions for a conscious ethical/sustainable school year? In the meantime, I wish you a very good day and hope to see you again on the blog soon.

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