July Favourites

Hello readers! I hope your weekend is off to a good start. I am late posting those favourites but summer took me away from technology. Mostly, I do not have lots to share about new products or clothing but I am still testing for you guys. They will appear in posts soon. In the meantime, here are some of the thing I have been enjoying lately.


Burt’s Bees Foundation

This has been a must in my makeup back this past month with the heat waves we had. I don’t like a lot of coverage in the summer so this compact foundation powder is perfect and mattifying. I use it mostly on top of a tinted moisturizer if I need to mattify or more coverage.

Face mask

I try to be more regular with these and switch it up between hydrating and pore refining masks. Those are the two kind my skin seems to enjoy at the moment. I do not have a favourite brand at the moment but I do enjoy Burt’s Bees. How often do you use your face masks?

Beauty Counter Body scrub

In the summer, this is a must. I probably could use it more than once a week and my skin would love it but I don’t want to overdue scrubs, facial or body. I love the smell of this one and it leaves a hydration layer after the shower, similar to the Lush body scrub/butter.

Saje Moisturizer

I recently discovered this brand online and finally found a physical store. They are huge about essential oils and diffusing but I also discover they hold a skin care line of their own. This particular one is lightweight and smells like roses. I am excited to try more in the near future.


Summer dresses

This is not a shock that I enjoyed wearing dresses with this heat. It is easy to put on, comfortable and looks great. I have been enjoying this particular one these past few weeks.

Birkenstock sandals

I wanted a pair of these for so long but didn’t want to purchase them new as they are expensive. I was lucky to find an almost new pair for a reasonable price on Vestiaire Collective. I have mixed feelings about this site as I had a great experience buying shoes but less pleasant one with dresses. Back to the sandals, I wear them almost every day. They are comfortable and sturdy.



We only camp once this year and it rained overnight but I love it, even with the rain. We eat s’mores, hamburger and hot dogs while having a drink, lemonade or other. It is great to spend time away from technology and quality time with friends discussing goals or stories. I am not sure I would be able to do it for more than a week but I always have great memories afterwards.


I am sad to report we have not hiked at all this year. We could blame it on enjoying time with visiting friends or being too busy but it is mostly due to the heat waves we had. Here in Nova Scotia we rarely get temperatures higher than 28C over the summer and it only lasts a few days. So far, it’s been over a month with temperatures over 38C with humidex factor. We are lucky to have the sea breeze to help during the day and temperatures going down to 25C overnight. We hope to have a chance to explore in August or September when the temperature is reasonable in the mornings.

What have you enjoyed this past month? Any new brands I should add to my list to try in the fall? Please leave comments below, it is always fun to read you. Also, don’t forget to like the post if you enjoyed it and I hope to see you back on the blog soon. I currently post twice a week but we can catch up with me on social media (see links at the top). Have a lovely weekend.

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