Finding a routine

Good morning lovely readers! I hope your morning is off to a good start (or whatever part of the day you might find yourselves in). My mornings are so early and rushed that I am not quite awake for parts of my routine. I have not yet found the perfect routine but it does help me go through my mornings prepared and do things that need to get done. For the past few weeks, I have played around with my routine to create new habits and include healthy changes. It is not perfect but by changing only one habit at a time I can adapt and adjust before feeling overwhelmed or regressing to old habits. So today I will share with you some of my habits, some of the changes I would like to make, some of my fitness/health habits I would like to create and what my morning and evening routines look like.


It is always changing and evolving but currently, my few habits I try to do every day is working out in the morning, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, and take a coffee at work while on social media before work. I am not a very nice morning person (ask anyone who talked to me before coffee) but I do enjoy starting my day early, which is paradoxical. Some habits I have in the evening is changing when I get home for comfy clothes (I do work in an office), make dinner, look around Instagram, write for the blog, occasionally watch Netflix (less in the summer), and some beauty treats like baths, masks or home manicures.


My plan is to start preparing my gym bag the night before with my clothes for work, beauty care and towels. I currently do it in the morning and did forget things a few times (like a bra, yeah!). I also want to start rotating beauty products to empty all the travel size products I have in the bathroom at the moment. It might take some time but it will also make me test drive some more high-end products. For the evening, I would like to create a better night routine before bed. I would like to make dinner and relax after a day at work before working again (on the blog this time). I need to adjust my screen time with YouTube videos and writing for the blog before bed. As you might know, I am a big fan of Audible and love listening to books while doing cardio at the gym. So, the plan is to listen to Audible before bed instead of YouTube or social media. What are the things you would like to change in your routine (include or subtract)?


Another big change I tried to bring back to my routine is yoga. I use to do it every week and I don’t remember why I stopped. My issue at the moment is to find the time of day to incorporate it. As a adjust my day to various activities and friends, I am considering using the Fitbit app for yoga or YouTube videos (Yoga with Adriene) while at the gym. This will be new because I now have wireless headphones (yeah!). Another addition to my workout routine, which is alternate weight and cardio 4 times a week, I would like to add HIIT. Do you guys have any recommendations? Either on YouTube or other.


So, in the morning I wake up around 5:30am and actually get out of bed around 5:45am. The cat is very excited to see people so I pet him for a while and we cuddle before I change into my workout gear. The next step is to prepare breakfast and lunch. We are on a health journey so it usually is a smoothie (PB&J are my favourite at the moment) and a spinach salad with chicken. I may include some fruits as snacks because I do enjoy sweets. Usually, this will take until 6:30am which is the time we have to leave the house for work.


I finish work around 5pm and there isn’t much traffic getting home at the moment. We will start cooking dinner around 6-6:30pm and dinner vary between vegetarian, heavy carbs or meat. It depends what we have on hand and how the weather is like (we enjoy barbequing). I will watch some YouTube videos, sometimes an episode of a TV show, and I try to write a little every day for the blog to create great content for you twice a week. After all that is done, it will be around 9pm and I will start to get ready for bed with a shower/bath and some more YouTube videos.

It doesn’t matter the time of day, we all do things in a certain order, even when we don’t realize it. That is why finding a routine is so easy, it just happens a day at a time. Finding the routine you want is a whole other story. You have to be mindful and change your habits with intention. I use to view routines as a “set in stone ritual” but now I see it as ever changing habits reflecting my progression, style and goals. I slowly improve my routine to get is where I would like to be by changing one habit at a time. I am curious to read what is your current routine morning or night. How do you fit health in your day to day life? Also, if you like the content, please subscribe to know when new content becomes available or follow me on social media, links are available at the top of the page. Please leave a comment in the section below. I really enjoy reading and answering you. I hope to see you again on the blog and wish you a very good day.

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