What being an ethical or sustainable fashion shopper means

Good morning reader! I hope your day is going great. Lately, I have been reflecting on fashion as I continue this transition to a more conscious living. I have changed some of the products I use in my beauty routine for more natural ones but just started to touch on fashion. You see, I didn’t really need any new items for neither the winter or summer. I am trying to use what is there or buy used, as you probably saw in my spring/summer haul. You might know this but there is a difference between ethical fashion and sustainable fashion. I was amazed when I learned that difference while watching The Green Closet’s videos on her YouTube Channel (link). This started a reflexion on fashion and my conscious way of life. Eventually, I would like my wardrobe to be both ethical and sustainable but in the meantime, I would focus on sustainability.

Ethical Fashion

This type of fashion looks at how the clothing was made; e.g. organic cotton, locally made, workers were fairly compensated for the work, etc. There are lots of brands making ethical clothing and accessories from vegan leather which would fall under this category in my opinion. It is a way to support good commercial and business practices from around the world. When shopping ethically, you want to look at who made it, where was it made, what is it made of and the positive impact of the purchase as sometimes they will support local or community programs. I see more and more companies promoting products ethically made. It means you still purchase new items but make a conscious effort to search how it was made.

Sustainable Fashion

This is thinking about fashion with the environment and time in mind. When purchasing sustainably, you look for a piece you will wear for years and the quality will make it last. Also, you might consider the cleaning of the garment in this type of fashion because of the environmental impact of taking care of the fabric but also to help to keep it in good condition for a long time. Thrift stores are a very popular way to shop sustainably. You can find great quality products made of easy to care for fabric. You want to make sure it fits in your wardrobe and keep in mind the possible uses of the fabric when it becomes unwearable. (1)

Which kind of shopper are you: ethical or sustainable? Are you a mix of both? What are your favourite brands? Please share in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to like the post and follow me on my social media for more inspiration. I wish you a very good day and hope to see you back on the blog soon.


(1) Foundation of a sustainable wardrobe – My Green Closet

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