How simplifying can make you feel more productive

Have you ever notice how much time you have in a day if you are not cleaning, organizing, putting things away, doing dishes, making lists and washing clothes? Simplifying or downsizing is not an easy process nor a short one. We get attached to objects because of the memory or the feeling they give us when we look at them. It is bittersweet to let them go but it is freeing. Have you tried to look at how you spend every minute of every day? Have you dreamed of having a very productive day or simply more time in a day? It seems we all strive for productivity and efficiency lately. It is everywhere and everyone wants to do more in less time. Simplifying can make you feel more productive but it comes down to how you decide to spend your time rather than deleting everything off your schedule. I noticed it comes down to how you see tasks and your time.


Having less clutter in our life (material or other) can help us in our day to day tasks. Your mind is a wonderful organ and can do so much, sometimes at the same time. That being said, people have noticed a difference in their mindset, behaviour and emotions after decluttering the physical things in their house. They feel free, less stressed, have a better mood, feel like they have more time for other things and do more with their time. If you ask me to explain how it is possible, I have no idea but let me tell you that I do want less stress, to be happier and enjoy more time in my days. A big plus in my opinion is if you have fewer things and less space you will have less to take care of, like cleaning and organizing.

Time management

I see everywhere people offering courses online or blog post about being more productive or doing more or being more efficient and as much as I get attracted to all those terms, I try to remember that I choose how I spend my days. Those days will become weeks than months than years and eventually, my life. The way I spend each day reflects my priorities and what I value (money vs time vs values). I strive for productivity when I can and relax when I can by finding balance and listening to my mind and body.

The way I do time management is not in days because to me it is too little time. I use the app productive to help me (remind me) with little day to day things I would like to accomplish every day/week, e.g. drinking water, meal prep, yoga, meditation, going for walks, blogging, etc. Those things are important to me because they make my days smoother but also makes me feel better. I get into my work and forget the time and miss those little things which is why that productivity app helps greatly. I like to have those silent reminders. I use Sundays to plan my week ahead of time and block time for certain things with deadlines than I leave the rest on a list and up in the air but they need to be done by the end of the week. That way, it leaves me with the opportunity to adjust when a day at work is particularly busy or if an invitation comes up or if we choose to go out one night.


It is so easy to get overwhelmed with everything you want to do and accomplish in one day that you miss the big picture and opportunities. I am not suggesting to be lazy here or delegate to others. I would like you to simplify your to-do list by priorities. Remember that you choose how you spend your days and what you do with your time. Make sure the urgent/important tasks are done first. Spread your little tasks throughout the week, e.g. laundry on Sunday, clean the kitchen on Monday, clean the living room on Tuesday, vacuum on Wednesday, etc. There are charts you can find online with 4 squares of priority. Another way to simplify would be to do a complete master list of everything you want to do, no matter when or how. You keep that list nearby at all times (I recommend using a digital list – Evernote is great for that) and whenever you get a 5-10 minute you pick something to do from that list. However you decide to organize your list, make it as simple as possible for you to tackle it. If it is simple, you are more likely to do it.

Also, if you decide to transition to minimalism or simple living, you will own fewer things. Therefore you will need to clean less because you have less to clean. If you decide to be more environment-friendly, you will replace single-use items with reusable ones. As a result, you will have less trash but maybe more dishes to do. You feel more productive because there is generally less to do. Your mind can rest without having to think of the next thing to do or remind you of upcoming events.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how you decide to approach it, being a minimalist, conscious shopper and environment-oriented person allows you to clean less, have fewer things and produce less garbage. This gives you a new perspective on your life and your time which consequently makes you feel more productive. You value your time differently and in line with what brings you joy. Don’t give me wrong here, I still work for a living and I still do clean my house even if those things don’t bring me as much joy as other things. Some things just need to get done.

How did you simplify your life? Do you understand what I mean by more productive? Tell me more about your simple conscious life and how your transition affected your day to day routine. As always, please don’t forget to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, IG or on my Facebook page (all links in the top right). I hope you will be back on the blog soon and wish you a very good productive week ahead.

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