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We are very fortunate to live in an era so connected with communities all over the world. Travelling is easily accessible, although sometimes pricey. We have the freedom to explore and discover the world around us and its various cultures. It offers so many ways to live, think and act which we decide what best suits us and our lifestyle. The great thing about all this is that we can be different from our neighbours, we have access to alternatives way of life. We can be part of a community of like-minded people from all over the world. We are free to try a new way of life and explore the possibilities. You can be part of one or more below group/movement and it will be different for everyone. Today we explore some alternatives I discovered over the months and see what they are all about.


Most people nowadays know about the impact we have on the environment and how we should limit it to a minimum. The interesting thing for this category is the zero-waste movement. So this movement started a few years ago and their goal is to produce close to zero waste from everything they consume (food, clothing, packaging, home, etc.). It is very interesting to read about it because you discover ways to reduce your current waste. For me, this was true especially for food waste (compost, food going bad), clothing and recycling. I did not know we needed to clean most of the plastic we put in the bin and be mindful to not contaminate plastic, paper and others.

They also promote the use of a reusable or compostable product such as coffee mugs, water bottle, metal straws, silicone bags, silicone muffin cup, etc., rather than a single-use or plastic item.

If this is something that interests you, you might want to have a look at some of these books on Goodreads. Also, they prone a membership to the library rather than purchasing books, just FYI.

Socially responsible

This movement is so inspiring and full of hope. They encourage business and corporation to use sustainable and ethical business practices, such as fair paid work, encourage local farmers/markets and businesses. It promotes the support of equal rights, fair pay, lower environmental impact, encourages community spirit and fights against human trafficking, injustice and big profit corporation to invest in people. Some business owners help homeless or youth with job opportunities and trade qualification or help rehabilitation of people who suffered hardship by offering a safe place and working skills to help them back into the world. Other businesses offer some of the proceed of their sales to causes in their community. They also provide alternatives to the classic “one season $5 t-shirt” for a long term addition to your wardrobe.

If this is of interest to you, I encourage you to check the socially conscious woman group on Facebook or do some research in your area (my Instagram also has lots of businesses you can discover).

Frugal living

This movement picked up around the 2008 crash in the US. Our grandparents’ generation were also big on saving or “stretching your dollar as far as you can”. The main goal is to save money and make the most out of it. I enjoy this movement because it promotes experiences and time rather than money and gifts. It encourages creativity to use what you already have and appreciate it. This ties in with the environment group above very easily because you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, especially with single-use items. It teaches to recognize quality over quantity and multi-purpose tools. One of the main things I love about it is the learn to live within your means and think about the future while appreciating the present. It really makes you think outside the box. Inspiration for almost anything you want to do with what you have can be found on Pinterest.

There are so many blogs and books out there on this subject so I recommend you look around. You will find your niche and community of like-minded people to share and get inspired.

Simple living/Simplicity/Minimalist

This follows quite nicely with the previous movement because of frugality comes simplicity. There is no point to possess things and store them everywhere if you don’t use them. Here there are various levels of simple living all the way to minimalism. This also includes a capsule wardrobe, a tiny house and the art of minimalism. I have to say this is so intriguing and I am very curious to read more about this. The main blog/postcast on this is The Minimalists. The main objective is to live with only what you need, use and love, nothing more and nothing less. I probably need to devote more time to clear the house of unused and unwanted things but the more I declutter the better a feel. This is discussed in further details on their blog. I highly recommend it.

If this is of interest to you, I might recommend you declutter responsibly and donate what can be donated, reuse, repurpose, and all the other “re” before using the trash.

Sustainable Fashion

This is very much like socially responsible and environment impact related but in the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion is more about making better use of our clothes already produced and making new clothes in an eco-friendly way. The best blog I discover on this topic is My Green Closet. She also has a YouTube channel. It makes you realize the impact of jean dye has on the environment as well as all the fabric in the landfills. When reading further on this, it makes you reflect on how you can change your consumer habits to encourage better fashion practices. She also lists brands and companies on her website.

Natural living (beauty)

I will focus on beauty for this one as it is what I mostly discovered but there are way more on this to be discovered. So this mindset or movement promotes the use of natural ingredient or as close as possible to their natural state in beauty products. It recommends avoiding certain chemicals that might have harmful effects on our bodies. I discovered so many chemicals were in my daily products while using the Think Dirty app. This is mostly what inspired me to make changes in the products I use every day. I have to give the warning that not everything is harmful and not everything in nature is better. I always will recommend research to base your own decision on what you want to use on your skin. Some active ingredient are chemicals because they are not found in nature but have no harmful effect on our bodies. Simply be aware and careful when purchasing new products. With that being said, I noticed a difference with my skin since I started to transition away from traditional brands for one using natural ingredients in a positive way.

This movement can also be applied in what you eat and medicine you use. This is how I discovered essential oils and their impact on the human body. I’m not saying it replaces everything but as the title says it offers alternatives.

Modern worker (remote/from home/4 hours work week)

This is so popular at the moment and gaining momentum. People of the Millennial generation want to invest their time in experiences, travel and culture. Therefore, they want their options open and companies slowly adapt. There are nowadays jobs to work remotely for companies anywhere in the world, work only 4 days a week but more hours, work from home, work 3 years full-time and have the 4th year off (this mostly means 1/3 of your salary is taken for 3 years and it is how you are paid the 4th year); the possibilities are almost endless. You can freelance some work or start your own business or create content on YouTube or social media. Modern jobs differing from the classic 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm are taking over the job market. I also see so many people creating amazing small businesses and doing very well after a few years of hard work. You can sometimes find jobs where you work 9-5 but have the option to work from home on occasion. This would probably be my dream come true and the best of both world in my opinion.

Did you know about all the different movements, ideologies and trends? Which one did you discover? Which one would you like to try? Share in the comments below or on social media. I love to read you and get the conversation going. As usual, don’t forget to subscribe, join our Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. I try to post regularly and love to take you with me on some of my early morning gym sessions. I hope to see you on the blog soon and wish you a very good day.

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  1. It’s kind of an extension of the your modern worker trend, people are increasingly being enabled by cheap technology to start their own small business and making a decent living out of that. I’ll shortly write that about this in my site. I am also fond of simplicity and have read some really good books about it too: . Would love to get your thoughts.

    1. That is very true. Technology is so accessible and unable people to work and create anything from anywhere. I will have a look at the books on your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The way you hyperlinked the relevant places to explore different lifestyles was good. I wish you had done this with all the mentioned types.

    Liked the last paragraph 👌

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