Things I have not yet converted to ethical or natural

There are a few things I did not let go of in the transition to ethical, sustainable and natural living. It is not because there are no alternatives or that it is too expensive. Just like we keep things without using them just in case or that cute top with all the memories, I am not ready to let them go and I accept the fact that it is not aligned with the rest of my transition. The other reason I have not let go of some things yet is that I am not there yet to make the change or I accepted it would take me longer to get there.

1. Hair colour

I love colouring my hair and changing it with the season. I tend to go lighter in the summer and colour them darker in the winter. I also like to plan with the cut and styles. There are hair colour dye alternatives out there but they require much more time than traditional chemical way. I have come to terms with this and accept that it might be a thing I will not change for a more natural way.

2. Nail polish

Those were mostly gifted to me and I intend to use them all. I don’t colour my nails often and usually keep it for the summer. Because it is not something I regularly purchase, I don’t see why I would need to transition. If you know alternative brands using more natural ingredients, please leave them in comments below. I am curious to see what is on the market.

3. Cleaning products

There are so many great brands out there using natural ingredients and essential oils rather than the traditional chemical agents. The reason I have not transitioned yet is that I had stocked up so much on those products over the years that I have yet to need to purchase new one yet.

4. Food

We started to eat more fruits and vegetables with our daily meals and tried to limit the amount of meat consumed at every meal. We love to try new recipes and culinary trends like paleo, vegan, keto, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. All that being said, we still enjoy meat and seafood every week and at the moment have no intention to cut it out completely out of our diet. Because we enjoy food so much and trying new culinary trends, we don’t really fit into a “diet” category but try to find a healthy balance including everything in moderation.

5. Kitchen appliances

As previously said, we enjoy cooking and food. Therefore with have a fair amount of small kitchen appliances we use, e.g. Kitchenaid Mixer, Crockpot, Instant Pot, Ninja blender/food processor, etc. I honestly don’t know if any brands out there offer alternatives and frankly will probably continue to purchase from those brands because it is part of what we use regularly. I don’t intend to replace any of them in the next 10 to 15 years and I highly regard those brand for the quality product they produce.

What are things you can imagine transferring to ethical, sustainable or natural option? What are the things you might consider? Please leave comments below or like if you enjoy the blog and the various posts. I hope you will visit again soon as there are 2 posts published every week so don’t forget to subscribe. I wish you all a very good week and look forward to reading your comments.

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