Favourite Youtube Channels – Minimalism and Ethical living

Good morning! How is your morning going? Don’t know if you are like me but I love vlogs and routine videos on YouTube. It almost takes up half or more of my time watching tv (ok, on my tablet but you get it). I subscribed to a lot of channels: fashion, minimalism, ethical living, beauty, and both in French and English. I admit it is all over the place because I have a wide range of interest. I like to watch channels other than ethical, natural and minimalist for inspiration. I enjoy fashion and beauty so I try to stay on top of current trends but I also look for alternatives. On that note, I want to share with you today my favourite channels and I will point out if they are about ethical and natural living themed. Please beware that some of them are not related to the theme of this blog but just things I like to watch for many reasons.

Pick up Lime – (M) 

Sadia is a Canadian nutritionist living in the Netherlands sharing her love for vegan food on her channel. She started it about a year ago and already has almost 950 000 subscribers. She mostly shares vegan recipes but touches minimalism, mindfulness, money and general healthy habits. She also has a blog with the same name.

Yoga with Adriene 

As you might know, I started the 30 days of yoga challenge following her videos on YouTube. She offers a wide range of yoga practice exercises. I really enjoy that they are only 30 minutes (most of them). I highly recommend trying one of her videos to experiment with yoga practice and explore the various poses.

HealthNut Nutrition 

Nikole offers healthy recipes on her blog and channel of the same name. She also shares her life in her weekly vlogs and routines. She posts a few times a week and promotes waste-free and eco-friendly products. It is very entertaining to watch and the recipes are great alternatives to change things up or try new things.

Vivre avec moins – (M)

Vicky is a French-Canadian living in Quebec. She started with her blog of the same name sharing her experience and transition to minimalism/simple living. She made the change after accumulating a high amount of debts and wanting to change. Her whole channel is in French but I find it interesting to discover minimalism and simple living. It gets judgy sometimes but great in general.

My Green Closet – (M)

In my humble opinion, Erin is the queen of ethical and sustainable fashion. I learned so much through her blog and channel. She explores alternatives in the fashion industry and shares her capsule wardrobe as well as advice. It is one of the first channels about minimalism and ethical fashion that I found and cannot get enough.

Exploring Alternatives – (M)

Mat and Danielle explore alternative ways of living, mostly tiny house. It is so interesting to discover and follow them touring the world and discovery the various alternatives people live in. It is inspiring to watch and I find myself wanting to make changes in my life as a result. They also touch on zero-waste living and minimalism.

Lydia Elise Millen 

This is probably the least minimalist or ethical channel of them all but I enjoy watching her so much. She gives the feeling of being someone very simple, happy and genuinely nice. Lydia started her blog a few years ago about high fashion and her fitness journey, which turn out to be most of what she did for a while. Now she mostly shares things she loves in high fashion, trends and vlogs on her channel. I love this channel because she gets my high fashion and trend facette a fix. It also inspires me to still enjoy that style but with alternative means (second-hand or ethical brands).

Which one of these blog/YouTube channels did you discover? How many did you know about? Which would you recommend I add to my list of subscriptions? Please leave all in the comments below. As usual, please don’t forget to subscribe, like and joy us on my Facebook page where I share more things I find on the web. I hope to see you again soon on the blog and which you the best of weekends. It was quite warm here the past few days so we will enjoy the mild weather this weekend.

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