Not IG or Pinterest perfect? Me neither.

Good day everyone! This post is going to be more of a chitchat, again. Don’t worry, there will be more beauty and fashion coming your way soon. I needed to send some encouragement and positivity on the large web. Some days I feel so motivated by all the beautiful images of perfect simple conscious people and their wonderful life. It inspires me to do better and be better. I notice some more changes I could make to improve and grow. Other days, I am envious and frustrated. They make it look so easy, effortless, and pretty. Their house looks like a Pinterest picture with the white walls, wood colour touches and rustic comfy feel. Mine looks like a dark cave with lots of greys and stuff all around, covered surfaces and dust. It just looks like we live in it. I try to remind myself that the pictures are highlights and the best of their day, not their all day every day. That’s when I tell myself “your house looks like those pictures when you just cleaned it but honey, don’t stop living to get the catalogue picture living room. Enjoy your huge comfy couch!”.

I know it can be hard to get started on an ethical, natural and conscious way of life. It is very overwhelming. There are so many brands yet it feels like you cannot find anything. Brands advertising make their products look amazing. Have you ever did the research, made the purchase, were so proud to support that brand just to realize it was not that great after all? So did I and it’s ok. You’ll find out that some product you consciously purchase contains something you didn’t want or they do things in a way you don’t want to support. We make mistakes, learn and improve over time. I know we want to skip the process for the end result but let’s face it, it’s rare to skip the learning and be perfect all of a sudden. “Practice makes perfect”. Give yourself time and appreciate the learning experience of the conscious living. Discover like-minded people, brands and companies online and share in their communities.

So my little homework for you today is to slow down, look around you and give yourself some credit for all that you do daily. Since you started, you made changes. You improved and bettered yourself and that is amazing. You are amazing. You deserve some credit for that, so give it to yourself. Share your encouragement in the comments below and your story, I would love to read you. As usual, I hope to see you back on the blog soon.

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