What does “simple conscious living” stands for?

This will be a short post and mostly talk among friends. So, go ahead and grab some water, coffee or tea and let me tell you the story behind this blog and how I came to be about “simple conscious living”.

I started this blog after months of reflection and doubts. I love to write and share but I was afraid about sharing my life online. Blogger, Youtuber and influencers don’t have much private life, get trolled online, and I like certain things to be separated.  After joining the Socially Conscious Woman group and the 10×10 challenge, I decided to take the plunge and launch this blog by sharing my first experience with a minimalist wardrobe. With this blog, I wanted to have a platform to share my journey with ethical purchases and natural beauty products. In the beginning, I was prepping for the #10x10challenge and slowly purged some clothes and beauty and it felt so good but complicated. It is hard to let go of things even when you haven’t used them for months or years. I was not aiming for a perfectly ethical home, clothing and all natural beauty regiment. I wanted to progress at my own speed and incorporate small changes into my life.


Therefore, I wanted the process to be simple. It is the message I want you to see and feel all over this blog, my Instagram, and the Facebook page. I want it to be positive, simple and inspiring. There is no pressure other than doing your best and slow steady changes. As you know I believe in balance and taking a bite-size at a time. As it is your choice, it should fee easy and simple to transition. I don’t want to complicate things or make this a tedious process. Life is already complicated enough as it is with schedules, work, friends, family and hobbies we don’t want it more complicated. I like things that are simple and easy, do you?


I wanted to be conscious of the impact of the choices I make. When I purchase something, I like to know who made it, where it comes from and if it has a positive impact. I mostly want to be aware of the consequences my choices have on the environment and on the people. I don’t pretend to have all the answers or get ethical goods all the time. I want to be aware and help you be more aware of your choices in general. I believe being conscious of our actions is the first step to create real positive change.


With all the simple things and conscious behaviour, don’t forget to live. Life is unpredictable and beautiful things happen daily. Enjoy your life and create a life that makes you feel good every day (or most days because you can’t be happy and bubbly all day every day). Grandma used to tell me to do more of what I love and makes me happy to have a great life. So I recommend the same to you. Find a balance between your choirs and things that need to get done with some simple moment of pleasure, may it be a book, a walk, a specific hobby or time with friends.

I hope you feel the idea behind the simple conscious loving theme of this blog and enjoy reading these posts. If you do, don’t forget to subscribe to get an email when I upload a new post and comment below. Was the simple conscious living theme what you were expecting? I look forward to seeing back on the blog soon and wish you a wonderful week.

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