Spring/Summer Haul – Thrift Store finds

In my humble opinion, second-hand is the best way to consume fashion because things always come back in style with a twist. If you can find good quality clothing and a good seamstress, your clothes could live many lives. Also, when you find pieces in a vintage boutique or second-hand store it is unlikely someone else will be wearing the same and it helps to avoid fabric clogging the landfill. Although with all of that said, I understand there is a stigma around second-hand and charity stores. At the end of the day, it is your decision to give it a try or go with alternatives, e.g. ethical and local stores. It is simple to stop to donate your unused items and have a look around while you are there to form your opinion and maybe find great things. Also, the side bonus with thrift store is affordability, especially for some brands you love but are not really ethical. Today, I want to share with you some of the pieces I found on my last trip.

Business Casual

All three tops were in great condition and very affordable. I can wear them with jeans or with black or blue pants for work. They are versatile and comfortable.

Every day

I felt for the grey top because of the fun sleeves. The two dresses are fun classic little summer dress. They were in great condition and I love their colour. It was very affordable and some are named brands.

What do you think? Not bad for thrift store finds right? Even when I know it’s better to purchase used clothes, I try not to do it too often because 1) I don’t need more clothes, and 2) my wallet doesn’t need more spending. But every season or two I like to indulge in some shopping. Next will be shoes and boots. Any suggestions of brands?

Because you are so awesome, I also notice my laundry soap is running low (thanks to this extra load). Therefore I need to find an eco-friendly alternative detergent to replace our current one. Do you have any recommendations I can look into? Please share in the comments below and as usual, don’t forget to leave a like if you want more fashion coming your way. I hope you’ll subscribe to receive the emails when I have a new post on the blog.

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