Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe – starting with the basics

This week I decided on a big project for this weekend: to inventory my whole wardrobe, summer and winter. I realized after the 10×10 challenge that I always wear the same items, for both work and home although I have more than 10 items because I leave in Canada we need everything. If you want to read more about my experience with the challenge, here is the blog post where I tell you all about it. Now back to the capsule wardrobe. I am not sure if I would ever have a “capsule wardrobe” as some other bloggers and YouTuber have but I decided to give it a try by started the inventory.


Before starting a mess, I wanted to establish a guideline of what a capsule wardrobe would contain (types of clothes and color palette). So I turn to my favorite Pinterest board where I save my eco-friendly and minimalist ideas. I have a love affair with infographics, although it does not show yet on this blog. On a side note, I will include more of them as I grow this blog. So, with some infographics of what others include in their capsule wardrobe, I had an idea of what would be needed in mine and what could be donated. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration online. It also provided a list of basic items you need, e.g. jeans, black dress pants, black or white t-shirt, neutral tank top, skirts, dresses, etc.


With spring often comes the desire to clean and purge the house, for me anyway. So, Saturday is my relaxing day for catching on YouTube videos, writing on the blog, reading blogs and recharge. Sunday is my cleaning and prepping for the week day. The plan is for me to empty my closet and storage space to clear out all the space available to me to clean it but mostly see how to utilize the space going forward. I like to start with a clean slate when changing things. It is full of possibilities and that inspires me. I will also be doing laundry but those clothes are automatically going back into my wardrobe. Now that everything is out it is time to sort them into piles and sub-piles: keep (tops, bottom, basics), storage (winter coats, sweaters) and donation. You could also make lists and cross-reference what you have with the basics you got from Pinterest to downsize your closet. Also, if you want ideas of alternatives to throwing things away I have a post on how to shop consciously.

This is a good time to also look at what you might want to add to your wardrobe. More on this below.


That is probably my favorite part of cleaning up. I love organizing anything and everything in the house and changing things up. I will post more about this on my Instagram on Sunday and make some stories to share the process with you guys.

Make it easy to see everything and to access quickly. Nobody likes to spend hours in the morning trying to mix and match outfits when they need to get going with their day.

Wardrobe essentials

I know you will all want to know what basics I must have in my wardrobe so I am sharing my list with you of some of the basic I include in my capsule wardrobe:

Everyday clothing:
Tops: black camisole, white camisole, beige camisole, white t-shirt, black t-shirt, sweaters, some colored items should be added according to the season, jean jackets, leather jacket, winter coat

Bottoms: jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, capris,

Dresses – this could vary so much and include so much, so go with your style if you are more a dress person or pants person.

Work Clothing: (suits are definitely included and can be mixed and match)
Tops: blazers (black and grey), dress shirts (various colors), vests

Bottoms: neutral trousers, skirts

Dresses: neutral wrap, a line, high neck, etc.

Next step

I highly recommend taking pictures of yourself with outfits ideas you have while you put your wardrobe together. That way you will have a lookbook of ideas at your fingertips and you can include accessories (scarves, necklace, belt, etc.) and shoes. Also, I will be keeping a list of items I would like to add to my wardrobe that is not in there although very essential, like a white dress shirt.

I would also love to read your story, about your wardrobe, what you consider your basics/essentials and if you already have a capsule wardrobe. If you liked the article, please let me know with a “like”. I wish you a fabulous week and look forward to reading you. Don’t forget to follow me on the blog or my social media. Next week will be a follow up to this article. I will share what is now in my closet and some of my spring shopping (not much but a few pieces).

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