Ethical & Natural Beauty Routine – How to transition

While cleaning a few months ago, I was amazed to find so many travel and sample size product in my possession while I had “cleanser” and “moisturizer” on my grocery list to purchase that same week. I decided to use them all rather than purchasing new beauty products. The best part was that it would save so much money because I had a lot of them. It also gave me time to research brands, look at reviews and ask for recommendations for natural and ethical beauty products.  That way I would be able to switch my beauty and body care routine to more natural products by slowly replacing products as I run out. I chose to do this because I hate for anything to go to waste.

As I mentioned, I just started to transition toward conscious living so I was lost in the sea of “natural” products and which brands to trust. So I turned to my socially conscious woman group to help me out (thank you so much for being their ladies, you are awesome! And if you are from that group, don’t forget to say hi). We might not all be from the same coast, but it helped me so much to do my own research, look at their recommendations and decide which I want to try. Let’s be honest, I have a list of products I want to try now because all their recommendations look amazing.

If you are just like me, don’t be afraid to ask for information, join communities (online or local), research brands and discuss with friends and family. I discovered lots of local businesses just by looking online. At the end of the day, you will have to take a leap of faith. It will be just like any other new products and your skin may or may not adjust well and it might take a few weeks to see results. The good thing is you can probably find a local store that carries many natural brands that can look at your skin, the products you used before and point you in the right direction.

Following those amazing discovery of brands and people, I have a very detailed list of products to try and even made some orders as well because I will soon run out of moisturizer. I will test those products and make sure to update you with my monthly favorites. This will be a new line of articles coming at the end of April so make sure to subscribe to the blog or follow me on Instagram. I would also love to read your story, what are your favorite products, what you use and what you would recommend. If you liked the article, please let me know with a “like”. I wish you a fabulous week and look forward to reading you.

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