10×10 Challenge – What I learned

Hi everyone! Today is the last day of the #10x10friends challenge with #thesociallyconsciouswoman group on Facebook. The challenge was 10 items of clothing (including shoes and jackets) creating 10 outfits for 10 days. It was so much fun to see everyone’s 10 pieces and how they created outfits for the day, reflecting both style and personality. I was excited and inspired every day to see how pieces would come together and discovered various ethical brands along the way. Most of which I had a chance to look at and created a wish list of items for when the time comes to replace parts of my wardrobe. It also inspired a project I will be working on in the next few weeks so stay tuned. As this adventure comes to a closing, I reflect on what a minimalist style, capsule, and ethical wardrobe mean to me. I noticed the comments on the group that some found the challenge to be natural and somewhat easy to them. I am sorry to say that was not me. I work at a law firm in Nova Scotia. The weather on the East Coast is still cold, snowy and very rainy. Only using 10 items of clothing which included a pair of boots, a pair of shoes and my winter coat left very little to play with for 10 days. That was the real challenge. I only “cheated” by swapping a shirt for a warmer sweater. I never realized before that I have 2 wardrobes: an office and a casual/at home. Despite feeling trapped in 3 pieces of clothing some days, I sat down in my room on day 7 and really looked at the clothes in my closet. As it turns out, I have about 50 items of clothing in there which is far less than I expected. I started the process to be more conscious of my purchases a few months ago, buy less and more ethically. I have barely bought anything since and use what I have. I felt silly to put so much pressure on myself for only 10 days and started to appreciate the little changes I slowly make.

Use what you have

With this experience, I realized that I have more things that I actually use. Don’t give me wrong, I need more than 10 items for 10 days but I will downsize and keep only what I love and use. Eventually, I want to incorporate more ethical brands and I started with a new spring purse from Matt&Nate (check it out on my instagram).

And thanks to Kijiji and second-hand stores, the pieces I have no use for will make someone else very happy and be used to their potential. On that note, I started to sort my beauty products and made sure to use them rather than buying more. It might not be easy every day to be content with what you have and not purchase new things. But it gets better when you only have things you love.



The major thing from this challenge made me want to start going through my possessions to decide what should stay according to what I use regularly. Rather than keeping all the things and accumulating, I choose to only keep what I love. I like to think about it as less cleaning, laundry, and more space for me. As a write this, spring just started so it might be spring fever to clean and purge my house.


I realized I never cleaned my computer. Like ever. Anyone else like me? It is kind of out of sight out of mind. I have external hard drives of electronic things and an inbox full of unopened emails sorted in various subfolders. It is so easy to push it off and do it “later” since it is not really in the way. Somehow, it is still on my mind and slowly but surely, I included a digital decluttering to my list of spring cleaning.

Did you join us for the 10×10 challenge? I did you do? I would love to read you about decluttering, downsizing, capsule wardrobe or 10×10 challenge.


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