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Hi everyone! Welcome to my little space of the web! I finally decided to launch this blog after months of research and looking at other bloggers. I wanted to make this pace my own and share all that I love about fashion, beauty and travel but in a simple and conscious way. If you want to know more about me, please visit my page on the blog.

I recently joined the Facebook group “The Socially Conscious Woman” which was launch by Tara Teng this past week. I feel very privileged to be part of that community and get to know all of those amazing women. Those women inspire me by being entrepreneurs, strong and bold. Which is how I am able to take the leap and launch my blog today. They are so inspiring, welcoming and caring.

On that note, I am joining them in the 10×10 challenge : 10 days, 10 items of clothing and 10 outfits. This challenge starts today and we will be sharing our outfits, styles and inspiration on social media, so make sure to check it out. I have to say not everything in my wardrobe is from an ethical or local shop since I am learning to purchase responsibly. Some pieces are from a secondhand store, some were gifts and some have been in my wardrobe for years. Nevertheless, I will wear each pieces and display them with love. I hope you can join or follow us in this challenge.

I look forward to this blog’s journey and share with you all everything I love and am passionate about. I would love to read you so leave comments below.

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